Hong Kong Optical Fair 2019
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Take the opportunity to book a meeting  with PEL General Manager - Zenobia Chan at the HK Optical Fair for valuable eyewear industry insights from a leading expert. Recieve Insight and Advice On:

  • The state of eyewear manufacturing in China
  • Up-to-date information on quality concerns 
  • Cost-cutting strategies
  • Diversifying your eyewear supply chain to reduce risk
  • Managing restricted substances in eyewear
  • Quality control, testing and inspecting eyewear 

About Zenobia: PEL’s General Manager from day one. Zenobia’s expertise serves global eyewear manufacturing companies and brands who produce eyewear in China, assuring that their products reach and exceed global quality and compliance standards.
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Date: 6-8 Nov 2019 Time: 9:30AM - 16:30PM

Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Booth No. 1E-A32