Free Download: Essential Eyewear QC Inspection Checklist

Ensure that the right product ships to your distributor and prevent recalls and lost revenue. Download our free checklist now and make sure you are producing up to standards.

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When it comes to the color, dimensions, cosmetics and packaging of your eyewear products, there is no room for compromise due to poor quality.

Our 'Essential Eyewear QC Inspection Checklist' provides a detailed breakdown of eyewear inspection methods and essential components to be checked that will provide you with:

  • A solid platform to accurately identify quality issues
  • Actionable steps for inspection and quality management
  • Updated reference points of samples for testing
  • Material inspection processes for glass, coatings and frames
  • Greater peace of mind and continued customer satisfaction

Download your free checklist and get started on effectively managing eyewear quality issues today by simply filling out the form on this page. 

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