eBook: The Ultimate Eyewear QC Guide To Effectively Reduce Defects

Are you in total control of your eyewear quality? Experiencing issues with your current supply chain or in-house Quality Control? You're not alone! This eBook is your Backstage Pass to the Eyewear QC World. Take a look at actual and relevant QC Reports gaining valuable insight into how you could be managing quality better.

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Can You Control Your Eyewear Quality?

Maybe you're one of the lucky Unicorns that's never struggled with eyewear quality, but chances are you've had your fair share of issues. 

Fear not, we wrote this eBook to show you EXACTLY how you can control the quality of your eyewear by giving you a rare backstage pass to the eyewear QC world. The book includes current industry QC reports from PEL from actual inspections, a section on the variety of tests you should be using, and clear language on WHY your quality procedures must be up to standard. 


Who and what is this eBook for:

  • For those manufacturing or purchasing eyewear in China - you can use this eBook to take a look at eyewear QC in more detail, what exactly to expect from a QC report, what tests are available to you, and how it can benefit your overall quality and supply chain.
  • For Companies with QC issues -  if you're currently experiencing quality problems with your eyewear orders from China, this book is your solution.
  • Experienced eyewear professionals/importers - if you want  to step up your game and put your brand ahead of your competition, use this book as a guideline to ensure you manufacture the best possible quality eyewear.
  • For those looking to enter into the eyewear trade - anyone looking to get into the eyewear trade can benefit from this eBook. Get ahead of the pack, learn how you can secure quality eyewear from the get-go.


If this sounds like you then dive straight in, download this free eBook to see how you can ensure the quality of your eyewear.