About Precision Eyewear Laboratory, Our Testing, and Quality Inspections

Who are PEL, and what do we do to improve eyewear quality

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Precision eyewear laboratory has been China’s eyewear testing laboratory since 2004.

Our experts serve global eyewear manufacturing companies and brands who produce goods in China, assuring that their products reach and exceed global quality and compliance standards.

We offer a variety of eyewear testing solutions to assure that your products, no matter their category of eyewear, reach and maintain the highest possible standards.

PEL Eyewear Supply Chain Compliance Solutions

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Types Of Eyewear We Test

PEL have expert staff and a cutting edge laboratory who are adept in testing and assessing the following eyewear types and techniques:

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Optical Frames
  3. Reading glasses
  4. Ophthalmic lenses
  5. Safety glasses
  6. Children's eyeglasses
  7. Swimming goggles
  8. Ski goggles
  9. Hazardous substance testing
  10. Eyewear product material property analysis

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