Swimming Goggles Testing

Only the best quality and comfort can offer supreme performance in the water

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Only the Best Quality and Comfort Can Offer Supreme Performance in the Water

PEL have the expertise and equipment to conduct world-class swimming goggle testing, assuring that they reach and exceed the expectations of sport brands’ consumers.

Swimming goggles should not only provide clear vision for swimmers, but also prevent eye infections and injuries which can be caused when swimming. Quality is paramount, as poor fit, defects, and material problems could potentially lead to health issues amongst users, which does not reflect well on a brand.

Our swimming goggle experts will assess goggle quality, leak resistance, and fit and comfort of goggle, bridge, and head strap.

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Swimming Goggles Quality and Performance Standards That We Adhere To

PEL is equipped to conduct the below relevant standards for swimming goggles:

  • QB/T 4734

Dedicated Swimming Goggles Testing Equipment, Procedures, and Ability

Precision Eyewear Laboratory (PEL) offer full set of solutions for swimming goggles testing, in order to help your products meet global standards and regulations. We also provide consultant services, in order to help you to understand the products’ standards. PEL allows you to gain a competitive advantage in the international market so that your products are profitable for both export business and domestic sales.

We offer the following tests that ensure swimming goggles’ quality and compliance:

  • Projections
  • Material Components
  • Impact Strength
  • Defects
  • Leakage
  • Compressive Strength of Eye Cup
  • Configuration of Water Seal
  • Adhesion of Eye Seal to Eye Cup
  • Material of Head Strap
  • Resistance to Slipping of Head Strap
  • Bridge Strap


  • Enhance brand reputation
  • Minimize quality issues
  • Assure customer satisfaction that goggles are comfortable and waterproof

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