Eyewear Startups

Get your eyewear business on track from the start with expert advice and tips from PEL’s eyewear professionals.


With decades of experience offering eyewear testing and inspection solutions to brands, importers, and startups around the world, PEL is positioned to help your eyewear startup take off the right way. There are several ways PEL can help your startup build a solid foundation for future success, however it MUST be noted that PEL is an impartial third-party.

Which means that PEL can't directly point out Eyewear Companies in China as this would be a conflict of interest. PEL must remain impartial as an eyewear testing and inspection service provider. 

PEL Can Help Startups To:

  • Comply with your market’s regulations
  • Choose the right products for your consumers
  • Tackle export and logistics smoothly
  • Audit the manufacturer of your choice
  • Test eyewear samples to ensure quality before placing orders

Eyewear Supplier Sourcing

PEL has written an abundance of articles to assist Eyewear Startups with the most up to date and relevant information to find a suitable supplier. 

Our articles will assist you with your choice of suppliers, paying over the odds for your products. The articles include titles such as:

And many more on our Blog Page

Product Catalogue Advice

Whether you’re focused on one eyewear niche, or are offering a range of products for different purposes, you'll be able to get advice on which products are most popular at any given time.

Due to dealing with all categories of eyewear when offering quality and testing services to our global customers, our finger is on the pulse of global eyewear fashions and trends and we can suggest which direction you need to go in, once you've identified your niche market and supplier. 


Get started with YOUR Eyewear Startup USING OUR free ebook: Definitive Guide To Finding Suppliers For Eyewear Startups

Finding the right supplier for your eyewear is probably the most critical task for your new business, and it’s likely you haven’t been using all the tools at your disposal correctly.

Our eBook 'Definitive Guide to Finding Suppliers for Eyewear Startups' is a step-by-step guide on how to do just that. We've compiled a how to guide on all the relevant and up to date methods for sourcing the best possible suppliers or manufacturers for your eyewear business including:

  • An Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use Alibaba
  • How to Make the Most out of Eyewear Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • A List of All the Eyewear Trade Shows You Should Be Attending
  • How to Use Global Sources Effectively
  • Safety Measures to Protect Yourself from Potential Scammers
  • All the Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Potential Eyewear Manufacturer
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