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Recycled Eyeglasses Manufacturing - Good for the Environment?

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 21 June 2020
The business of sustainability is booming. Companies worldwide are turning their attention to creating products that are as eco-friendly as possible through sustainably sourcing, giving back or ....

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How the Eyewear Industry Will Benefit From 3D Printed Glasses (2020)

Posted by David Li on 24 March 2020
3D Printed glasses are revolutionising how eyeglasses are manufactured and designed. A large number of eyewear manufacturers have adopted this layer-by-layer technique, primarily to differentiate ....

How To Clean Glasses - Prevent COVID-19 Without Damaging Eyewear

Posted by David Li on 19 March 2020
Optical stores worldwide are going through uncertain times at the moment. Many of our customers have asked us how to clean glasses and frames to both disinfect and not cause damage in the process. In ....

Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Glasses – What Are Your Best Options?

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 17 March 2020
When it comes to purchasing behaviour, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint. As a matter of fact, almost 73% of consumers worldwide say they would change ....

How to Prevent Eyewear Shipments from Carrying COVID-19 Infection

Posted by David Li on 5 March 2020
How long does the COVID-19 virus remain active outside a host (human body)? A lot of eyewear companies are concerned about their shipments and whether they will be safe from the COVID-19 virus once ....

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact on the Eyewear Industry

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 3 March 2020
China has the most significant number of eyewear manufacturers worldwide, comprised of over 6,000 eyewear manufacturers across the country. With the outbreak of COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus, it’s ....

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The Case for and Against Blue Light Blocking Glasses (2020)

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 18 February 2020
It’s been two years since the Blue Light Hype hit the eyewear market. So, let’s reflect on how far the tech has progressed and what the market is doing. In this article, we weigh up the good and the ....

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Smart Glasses: A Short-lived Fad or the Future?

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 11 December 2019
Have you ever wondered what happened to Google Glass? Announced in 2012, Google’s “glasses” looked promising, positioned at the forefront of partnering technology with the everyday user. But nearly 8 ....