Ophthalmic Lenses Testing

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Ophthalmic lenses testing is crucial, as lenses are an important part of any pair of glasses, and have a large impact on their overall quality.

These days glasses wearing is on the increase due, largely, to computer use. Wearing glasses with poor quality ophthalmic lenses could make consumers feel dizzy, uncomfortable, or even make their visual acuity worse!

PEL’s experts are experienced in ophthalmic lens testing, and work with many brands to assure the utmost quality and compliance.

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Ophthalmic Lenses Quality and Performance Standards That We Test

Worldwide countries have strict quality requirements for Ophthalmic lenses, and our laboratory is prepared to test that your lenses meet the following global standards:

  • EN ISO 8980
  • EN ISO 14889
  • JIS T 7313
  • JIS T 7314
  • JIS T 7315
  • JIS T 7331
  • KS B ISO14889
  • KS P ISO 8980-1
  • BN EN ISO14889
  • BS EN 8980.1-5
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Dedicated Ophthalmic Lenses Testing Equipment, Procedures, and Ability

Precision Eyewear Laboratory (PEL) offer full set of solutions for ophthalmic lenses testing, in order to help your products meet global standards and regulations. We also provide consultant services, in order to help you to understand the products’ standards. PEL allows you to gain a competitive advantage in the international market so that your products are profitable for both export business and domestic sales.

We offer the following tests that ensure ophthalmic lenses’ quality and compliance:

  • Tolerances on the Focal Power of Lenses
  • Tolerances on the Direction of Cylinder Axis
  • Tolerances on the Addition Power for Multifocal Lenses
  • Tolerances on Optical Centre and Prismatic Power
  • Tolerances on the Size of Finished Lenses
  • Tolerances on Thickness • Material and Surface Quality
  • Transmittance Requirements
  • Resistance to Radiation
  • Luminous and Mean Reflectance
  • Inflammability


  • Ensure perfect quality
  • Protect customers’ health
  • Comply with global market regulations

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