Impartial Eyewear Testing and Inspection Commitments

Our inspectors are committed to protecting your business information and security


PEL’s inspectors are bound by impartial eyewear testing and inspection commitments and conduct all testing and inspection independently in accordance with relevant regulations, national standards, and international technical standards.

PEL has established and operate according to the international standards ISO/IEC17025, and ISO/IEC 17020 management system to ensure the reliability and accuracy of all testing and inspection data and to meet the requirements of customers, regulatory authorities, and organization that accredited PEL.

PEL conduct all testing and inspection services in a professional and impartial manner. All testing and inspection services are conducted by experienced and qualified professions independently without pressure from any administrative personnel or economic interests. In order to maintain the impartiality of PEL testing and inspection services, the management board of PEL does not interfere any testing and inspection.

PEL keep all customers’ technical data and relevant business data strictly confidential. PEL will never apply customers’ technology and data to do any technological investment or offer technological services to other customers. PEL staff are never involved in any activities which affect their independence of judgment and integrity in testing and inspection.


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