Eyewear Compliance Consultation

Take any guesswork out of manufacturing eyewear. Enlist PEL’s expert consultants, with decades of experience, to assist

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PEL’s experts consult your business on all aspects of eyewear in order to improve your products now and in the future.We aim to examine your brand’s products every step of the way, from supplier to storefront, in order to assure that your products are always compliant with safety and quality regulations.

Benefits of Working with PEL’s Consultants

  • Discover how to minimize your resources (e.g. cost and time)
  • Reduce concerns about product and packaging compliance
  • Produce eyewear which reaches the target market profitably
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We Provide the Following Eyewear Compliance Consultancy Services:

  • Consultation on Product design
  • Consultation on Product regulatory testing scheduling
  • Consultation from concept drafting to determine suitable and appropriate stands and requirements
  • Consultation on regulatory authorization process for new, redefined or modified products
  • Consultation on managing the continuing compliance issues and standards of product market, target market and cost reduction issues

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