Optical Frame Testing


PEL Assures Your Frames’ Comfort, Quality, and Safety

Optical frames are a common optical product that PEL work with regularly. We offer comprehensive optical frame testing that help to avoid quality, compliance, and health issues. Frame quality affects consumers in several different ways, and therefore has a strong impact on your brand. For example, the deformation of frames causes a mismatch between lenses and the frames, leading to imperfect vision for the wearer.

If frames are not made from safe materials, they may emit harmful substances, such as heavy metals, negatively affecting the wearer’s health. Finally, if their design is poor, they will not be comfortable or could break easily, and this will disappoint consumers.

PEL’s goal is to eradicate these issues for you.

optical frame in test process

Optical Frames Quality and Performance Standards That We Test

Our laboratory tests assure that your optical frames adhere to the following quality and compliance standards:

  • KS G ISO12870

Dedicated Optical Frame Testing Equipment, Procedures, and Ability

Precision Eyewear Laboratory (PEL) offer full set of solutions for optical frame testing, in order to help your products meet global standards and regulations. We also provide consultant services, in order to help you to understand the products’ standards. PEL allows you to gain a competitive advantage in the international market so that your products are profitable for both export business and domestic sales.

We offer the following tests that ensure glasses frame quality and compliance:

  • Dimensional Tolerances
  • Dimensional Stability at Elevated Temperature
  • Resistance to Perspiration
  • Bridge Deformation
  • Endurance
  • Resistance to Ignition
  • Tensile Performance
  • Coating Adhesion
  • Nickel Release


  • Enhance user safety
  • Produce frames with the maximum comfort possible
  • Ensure quality from suppliers
  • Comply with your market’s regulations

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