Reading Glasses Testing

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PEL routinely test and asses reading glasses, the use of which is increasing due to populations ageing, and increased computer use. Reading glasses testing identifies and prevents common issues which affect consumers, or cause noncompliance with global standards.

For example, if optical center horizontal deviations cause issues with focal power, it may actually weaken the eyesight of wearers and cause soreness and dizziness.

We understand that your reading glass brand needs to be protected from damaging issues like this and enable consumers to be able to read comfortably for a long time.

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Reading Glasses Quality and Performance Standards That We Test

Worldwide countries have strict quality requirements for reading glasses, and our laboratory is prepared to test that your lenses meet the following global standards:

  • AS/NZS ISO 16034
  • FDA 21
  • CFR 801.410
  • ISO 21987
  • EN ISO 21987
  • BS EN ISO21987
  • DIN EN ISO21987
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Dedicated Reading Glasses Testing Equipment, Procedures, and Ability

Precision Eyewear Laboratory (PEL) offer full set of solutions for reading glasses testing, in order to help your products meet global standards and regulations. We also provide consultant services, in order to help you to understand the products’ standards. PEL allows you to gain a competitive advantage in the international market so that your products are profitable for both export business and domestic sales.

We offer the following tests that ensure reading glasses’ quality and compliance:

  • Dimensional Tolerance
  • Dimensional Stability at Elevated Temperature
  • Resistance to Perspiration
  • Bridge Deformation
  • Endurance
  • Ignition
  • Optical Power Tolerances
  • Prismatic Power Tolerances
  • Design Reference Points
  • Resistance to Radiation
  • Nickel Release


  • Assure that your reading glasses are of the highest possible quality
  • Test that glasses are compliant with your market’s regulations
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and your brand’s reputation with comfortable, safe products

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