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Eyewear Startup Consultation

Get your eyewear business on track from the start with expert advice, tips, and manufacturing assistance from PEL’s eyewear professionals and our trusted partners.


With decades of experience offering eyewear testing and inspection solutions to brands, importers, and startups around the world, PEL are positioned to help your eyewear startup take off the right way. There are several ways PEL can help your startup build a solid foundation for future success:

Benefits of our Consultation

  • Find reliable local manufacturing partners who you can build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with
  • Comply with your market’s regulations
  • Choose the right products for your consumers
  • Tackle export and logistics smoothly

Eyewear Supplier Sourcing

Easily find trusted suppliers for all kinds of different eyeglasses to cooperate with. You'll be put in touch with local suppliers who are trustworthy, and have a long history of working with clients abroad.

You'll gain peace of mind, as there's no risk involved with starting this new relationship. This will help you avoid working with the wrong suppliers, paying over the odds for your products, and can also help lower MOQs.

Product Catalogue Advice

Whether you’re focused on one eyewear niche, or are offering a range of products for different purposes, you'll be able to get advice on which products are most popular at any given time.

Due to dealing with all categories of eyewear when offering quality and testing services to our global customers, our finger is on the pulse of global eyewear fashions and trends and we can suggest which direction you need to go in.

Eyewear Compliance Consultation

Get an expert eyewear compliance consultation where your brand’s products are examined every step of the way, from supplier to storefront, in order to assure that your products are always compliant with safety and quality regulations for your specific market.

This prevents the damaging problem of eyewear products being made and exported, but then unable to be sold in your market due to failing to fulfill certain regulations.

Export And Logistics Support

PEL will introduce your company to trusted partners who will help you to export your eyewear products from the manufacturer in China, to your global market/s.

Eyewear startups may also need advice with dealing with Chinese customs, export taxes, and choosing the right logistics provider, as well as those for importing into their countries; our partners are domestic and foreign logistics experts, and will share the information you need for business to run smoothly.


Get started with our Eyewear Startup Consultation Services

Learn more about how PEL can help your company improve the quality of your eyewear production and prevent problems before they reach your suppliers.

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