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The Case for and Against Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 12 February 2018

What is blue light, what does the research say and why should your company be in the know? We look at recent studies and weigh up all the facts to see if your blue light blocking glasses are doing what they claim in the sales pitch.

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Dodge a Bullet - Avoid Lousy Eyewear

Posted by David Li on 24 January 2018

Competition in the eyewear trade is fierce. Nobody can survive with substandard products. Take a look at the facts, and what  steps you can take to ensure your clients receive top-quality eyewear.

Topics: Eyewear Manufacturing

How Safe Are the Safety Glasses You’re Putting On the Market?

Posted by David Li on 22 December 2017


Would you risk the safety of your or your families’ eyesight? Probably not! Safety glasses can mean the difference between losing one's eyesight or clear vision for the rest of your life. If you wouldn’t risk your eyesight, why would you risk your clients’? You MUST be 100% sure that the PPE safety glasses you put on the market do exactly what they’re supposed to, read on to find out how.

New EU Regulations - Testing Nickel in Eyewear Frames (2018)

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 13 December 2017


The new EU standards for nickel used in eyewear frames will come into effect by November 2018, here’s what you need to know.

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5 Classic Eyewear Styles That Never Go out Of Fashion (Men)

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 28 November 2017


Classic eyewear is making a comeback. We take a look at five timeless frames that can transform any man from fashion disaster to classic gentleman.

Topics: Eyewear Manufacturing

Private Label Eyewear - Levelling the Playing Field in 2018

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 22 November 2017


Private label eyewear and in-house brands are hitting the right notes with today’s buyers. Is it a lucrative business prospect or a fool's errand? We make the case for private label, but take a look at the facts and decide for yourself.

7 Tips to Make the 2017 Hong Kong Optical Fair a Success

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 9 November 2017


Arguably the most efficient way to find an eyewear manufacturer in China is to attend an eyewear trade show in the region. With the 2017 Hong Kong Optical Fair coming up, we’ve compiled 7 of the best tips on how you can make a success of this years eyewear trade show.

Topics: Eyewear Manufacturing

10 Best Practices You Must Follow to Ensure Quality Eyewear Manufacturing

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 27 October 2017

Top quality eyewear manufacturing requires careful planning and some thought, which tends to be a time consuming exercise. To make the entire process easier for you we’ve compiled the Ten Best Practices you must follow to secure the best possible eyewear available.

Topics: Eyewear Manufacturing

Top 10 Iconic Sunglasses - Actors & Movies That Started Fashion Trends

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 19 October 2017


Before social media took over the world, movies used to be the number one fashion trendsetter in the world. If you had the latest heartthrob actor sporting a new style of sunglasses you knew it would likely become iconic sunglasses for decades to come. We compiled a list of the top ten sunglasses and the actors and movies that made these sunglasses famous.

The True Cost of Eyewear Quality Control - Why it Saves You Money

Posted by Zenobia Chan on 5 October 2017

If you haven’t heard the expression “buying cheap is buying expensive” before, you have now. Skimping on quality when manufacturing eyewear is a bad move, but the lack of proper QC is almost worse, read on to see why paying a little more for professional eyewear quality inspection is actually very affordable when compared to its alternatives.