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PEL has been Eyewear Testing Laboratory since 2004. Offering cutting edge equipment and techniques, we assure that your eyewear manufacturing processes and quality are compliant with global quality standards.

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Trusted Eyewear Testing, Inspection, Audit and Certification

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PEL Eyewear Testing Solutions


Eyewear Testing Service

PEL offers a full complement of eyewear testing tailored to your specific products, be they sunglasses, reading glasses, safety glasses, ski goggles, and more, with the goal of ensuring they adhere to global quality and performance standards. We understand that consumer safety and durability of your products are paramount to brands.

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Eyewear Inspection Service

Cost isn’t the only important aspect for eyewear manufacturers. PEL offer a variety of eyewear QC inspections to assure your products’ quality and compliance. Testing includes: Pre-shipment inspection (PSI), in-process quality control (IPQC), during production inspection (DUPRO), technical document inspection, customized inspection service, and more.

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Eyewear Compliance Consultation

We offer expert compliance consultancy on every aspect of eyewear manufacturing. Our experts assist you with complying with industry standards when designing new products, scheduling regulatory testing, remaining compliant in future manufacturing, and more.

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Eyewear Supplier Auditing Service

Eyewear suppliers must adhere to increasingly stringent regulations and increasing consumer expectations, therefore PEL offer eyewear supplier auditing to assure that your suppliers are producing products which are socially compliant, not using forced or child labor, or illegal or unethical working practices.

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Eyewear Certification

PEL’s eyewear certification service uses expert testing and laboratory equipment to assure that your products obtain the necessary certifications for the regions they’re sold in, finally issuing the relevant certifications required.

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why PEL

Why PEL?

World-Class Eyewear Testing, Expertise and Inspection Laboratory since 2004

Full Scope of Eyewear Testing Solutions

PEL support your business with a range of eyewear testing solutions that can be tailored to your individual needs.


PEL have been China’s premier eyewear testing laboratory for 13 years. Working with global brands, and solely testing all types of eyewear, we have vast experience.

Excellence of Service

Our goal is to offer world-class, honest, and impartial eyewear testing and compliance services which guarantees that your brand’s eyewear is of the utmost quality. 

Eyewear Testing and Inspection Blog

Get the latest eyewear testing and industry news, and expert advice from PEL’s team in order to improve your eyewear manufacturing, improve your quality, and assure that suppliers are doing a great job.