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How Eyewear Quality Inspection Can Put Your Brand Ahead of the Game

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Posted by Zenobia Chan on 8 May 2017

In a recent survey, more than 70% of foreign companies manufacturing eyewear in China indicated quality control as their biggest challenge. So we took it upon ourselves to help those in need with a printable eyewear QC  checklist.

The next biggest problem indicated after quality control was finding the right eyewear manufacturer in China. Good quality eyewear manufacturing in China isn’t hard to come by, considering you take the time to review the correct steps in the QC process, which is exactly why we’re here. Previously we outlined the struggle between cost and quality in eyewear manufacturing, which takes a look at the cost of securing good quality eyewear and the results. If you choose to ignore the QC steps it could lead to:

  • Eyewear being rejected by customs at port due to incorrect safety standards
  • Deformities on the eyewear itself, logos that rub off or even spelling mistakes
  • Lawsuits resulting from poor quality eyewear resulting in physical harm to a person etc.  

Essential Eyewear QC Inspection Checklist


Eyewear quality control is still one of the most challenging aspects of manufacturing abroad. Many companies considering importing eyewear from China don’t know how to approach the problem of poor product quality. Ask any seasoned importer what they deem to be the most important factor in the process, and you’re likely to get pre-shipment QC inspections as the answer. Pre-shipment and in-line inspection are a crucial part of importing good quality eyewear from China, and many people don’t know where to start. Some of the questions that are likely to come up are:

eyewear quality inspection


QC can seem like a difficult concept for anyone starting out in the eyewear game, and that’s why we’ve compiled a printable checklist for you to literally tick all the boxes. You can gain all the insight you need from inspecting your eyewear, by knowing how to go about the actual testing and what to look for.

Our 'Essential Eyewear QC Inspection Checklist' provides a detailed breakdown of eyewear inspection methods and essential components to be checked that will give you:

  • A concrete platform to accurately identify quality issues
  • Actionable steps for inspection and quality management
  • Updated reference points of samples for testing
  • Material inspection processes for glass, coatings, and frames
  • Greater peace of mind and continued customer satisfaction

Some importers manage their eyewear quality inspection via third party inspection companies, often with little understanding of the actual process. But you don’t need to be a QC expert to understand the fundamentals of eyewear testing and how it contributes to your overall success.

This checklist will help you get the most insight possible to check the quality of your eyewear from A to Z, but without spending too much time and money. Empower yourself to make more informed decisions about potential suppliers and your products by downloading this checklist now.


Essential Eyewear QC Inspection Checklist

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Zenobia Chan

Zenobia Chan is PEL's General Manager, and has been working in the eyewear industry for over 17 years. She has been involved in the entire supply chain from research and development, to order fulfillment, quality management, auditing and product compliance. She established PEL from scratch and is an annual seminar speaker at the MIDO and Hong Kong Optical Fair.

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