David Li

Mr. David Li, Manager, with over 16 years of experience in eyewear testing industry. Technical accessor of China National Accreditation Service. Trainer on Eyewear International Standards to Eyewear manufacturers.

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How the Eyewear Industry Will Benefit From 3D Printed Glasses (2020)

Posted by David Li on 24 March 2020
3D Printed glasses are revolutionising how eyeglasses are manufactured and designed. A large number of eyewear manufacturers have adopted this layer-by-layer technique, primarily to differentiate ....

How To Clean Glasses - Prevent COVID-19 Without Damaging Eyewear

Posted by David Li on 19 March 2020
Optical stores worldwide are going through uncertain times at the moment. Many of our customers have asked us how to clean glasses and frames to both disinfect and not cause damage in the process. In ....

How to Prevent Eyewear Shipments from Carrying COVID-19 Infection

Posted by David Li on 5 March 2020
How long does the COVID-19 virus remain active outside a host (human body)? A lot of eyewear companies are concerned about their shipments and whether they will be safe from the COVID-19 virus once ....

The Building Blocks Of an Eyewear Supply Chain Designed for China

Posted by David Li on 27 March 2019
The eyewear supply chain in China is a bit of an enigma and greatly misunderstood. More often than not we don’t consider the intricate networks involved to manufacture eyewear. You need to understand ....

Topics: Eyewear Supply Chain Design

Your Complete Guide to MIDO (+ Detailed Milan Travel Guide)

Posted by David Li on 21 January 2019
Mido 2018 was a record-breaking event with the highest number of eyewear professionals ever attending a show of it’s kind, 49,000! This year’s show is looking to break that record again with an ....

Restricted & Toxic Substance List in Eyewear - Hidden Dangers (RSL)

Posted by David Li on 28 November 2018
PEL General Manager Zenobia Chan had the privilege of presenting on Restricted and Toxic substances in eyewear at this year’s Hong Kong Optical Fair. In her presentation, she highlights the hidden ....

Quality Eyewear "Made in China" Not a Myth - Eyewear Insight 

Posted by David Li on 16 March 2018
Eyewear, like everything manufactured in China, has a bad “Made in China” stigma attached to it. There are thousands of people online that are quick to knock China for “bad quality” and “cheaply ....

Topics: Eyewear insight

3 PPE Eyewear Tests You Should Know - EN 166

Posted by David Li on 27 February 2018
Protective eyewear sold throughout the world must comply with specific standards, in this blog we’ll be looking at the EN 166:2001 standard. What are the processes and requirements of EN 166:2001 and ....